Eyeshadow Quad Palette - Madame

Eyeshadow Quad Palette - Madame

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Euvow highly-pigmented dazzling powder color quad palettes.  

Formulated to serve as an eyeshadow, caked eyeliner, highlighter, and a sculpting powder.

Long lasting, fabulous looking, highly-pigmented quad palettes that create an elegant stunning look.  Can be applied wet or dry to achieve various looks, serving as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow. 

It is formulated to serve multi-purposes, allowing for portability and reducing the makeup load you carry around.  Create a perfect blend of colors by applying two different shades to achieve a unique color finish, or wear it as is, to achieve a clean, perfect, smooth, bright and bold look. Elegant colors that will make your eyes pop beautifully and cause your face to stand out no matter where you are. Get the beauty look you so deserve! 

A luxury powder color in a very portable packaging of 4 sets of shades.  

Made in USA. 



EYESHADOW: Wear as is for eyeshadow purposes.  Create a unique blend of colors by applying two different shades or wear as is, to achieve a smooth, perfect bold look.

EYELINER: It is designed to turn into an eyeliner when moisture is applied.  Then simply use your eyeliner brush to apply the color to your eye and achieve a perfect eyeliner color.  Another way to achieve an eyeliner finish is to first wet your brush, then dip the wet brush into the rich powder color, create a creamy paste, and apply using the eyeliner brush. 

HIGHLIGHTER: Wear as is to create highlights on the upper part of your cheekbone. 

SCULPTING: Use as is for facial sculpting.